"jus est ars boni et aequi"

Băcilă & Associates
Law Firm Sibiu


Everything in the client’s best interest and nothing is impossible as long as it is legal. The successful solving of our clients’ issues, regardless of their complexity, has become the foundation of their trust in the collaboration with Băcilă & Associates Law Practice.

We treat each entrusted task with attention to detail and provide the optimal solution to our clients, in the shortest possible timeframe.

You choose us

Because we have the competence to understand you and to immediately come up with direct and concrete solutions for your situation.

We fight for justice

Our motto is “jus est ars boni et aequi” - LAW IS THE ART OF GOODNESS AND FAIRNESS.
The definition of law has had a major impact on the managing partner of Băcilă & Associates Law Practice, it is our company’s cornerstone and we aim to apply it every day.

Unobjectionable case strategy

We have accumulated 20 years’ experience in law matters with our lawyers. This expertise and the results we have obtained ensure the confidence that we can take our work to perfection.

Experienced lawyers

The two main lawyers of our law practice, Mr Băcilă Marcel and Mrs Bunea Monica, have a sterling reputation, ensured by their expertise in their respective areas of excellence. Both have had teams for over 20 years of practice, an experience which provides an additional guarantee to our work.